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Hello and thanks for visiting my website! I was born in New Jersey and first discovered my interest in photography at the age of 8. With nothing more than an old Polaroid camera I set out taking pictures of whatever I found interesting, which at that age was mostly cars and construction equipment. As I got older I eventually decided to enter the realm of digital photography and purchased my first DSLR. By studying hundreds of techniques, and having the wonderful opportunities to meet and learn from many incredible professional photographers, I learned how to properly navigate a DSLR for it’s full potential and produce a picture I could be proud of. Since acquiring that thirst for photography, I’ve never been able to put the camera down and I am always learning new styles and techniques. 

Today, I live near Washington, DC, and work in the Information Technology industry. Photography is by far my biggest passion, which tends to be combined with other passions, namely traveling. Since the start, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many different countries and places, from the Grand Canyon to Vietnam, always returning with a camera full of new photographs and memories to share with those around me. 

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